Each program is an essential help which improves everyone's life

Ivy-Bliz dream alive innovation is an NGO set out to find how to bridge the gap between the common people and the poor(those who leaves on zero income)

Our mandate Our mandate come from what we have identify from our tour around Africa countries and it’s include.

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Lives touched

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Talent hunt

We find talent in almost every African youth and we have tried to harness these talents with the help of our talent hunts.


Skill Acquisition

Most Africans are generally hardworking and we hope to help generate jobs and the best approach we have see is through the skill acquisition programs


Value added to less-privileged

We ensure the less privileges benefit from our programs which have resulted in Blizdreamalive touching the lives of such less privileged


Creating good educational environment

We create opportunity for young ones both in the primary schools, secondary schools and undergraduates by offering scholarships.


Creating scholarship opportunity to university level

We have created special program of scholarships for university students which give them the foundations to reach their potentials .